Selection Vintage 2014

>> Limited Edition 2017

Selection Vintage 2014 is a Limited Edition espresso made with Arabica beans from Colombian Highlands.


Selection Vintage 2014 Nespresso capsule and cup

Nespresso’s Selection Vintage 2014 capsule and coffee cup

Nespresso kicked off the year in style with this vintage limited edition, which reminds me of the espressos I was drinking in cafes while growing up in Europe. While you can feel a red fruity note discreetly piercing, what appealed to me the most is it feels like a raw, authentic espresso which manages to be soft, velvety while delivering moderate intensity. Also enjoyable is the fact that it doesn’t play the usual bitterness card which seems to be designed to cater to the US market – rather it leaves you on a pleasant salty note.


  • Activities: A great capsule for any occasion, whether it’s to start your day, for a coffee break or to end lunch.
  • Music: Hanni El Khatib‘s infectious and energetic garage tunes are a good match for a Selection Vintage 2014 sipping experience.
  • Food: Because its favor isn’t either too dark or bitter, it works well with a buttery treat such as a French croissant.


Selection Vintage 2014 Nespresso capsule box

Nespresso’s Selection Vintage 2014 coffee capsule box

This new 2017 limited edition Nespresso coffee comes in a brown box featuring a coffee bean logo and includes 10 pink capsules.

To learn more, Watch our Selection Vintage 2014 unboxing video below.



Author: Fred

Born in Europe, espressos have always been an important part of my life, faithfully accompanying me throughout mornings and sometimes lunches.

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