Rosabaya de Colombia

Aribica beans from Colombia.


Rosabaya de Colombia Nespresso capsule and cup

Nespresso’s Rosabaya de Colombia capsule and coffee cup

Part of Nespresso’s Pure Origin line, Rosabaya de Colombia has a rich, velvety body and a very distinct taste. It is fruity, a bit rough but what probably makes its singularity is its light wine-like feel which brings you an after taste similar to when drinking red wine.


  • Activities: Intense enough to start the day, its strong flavor makes it a great candidate for additional coffee breaks, which means you need to take a moment to fully enjoy it, rather than drinking it for pure caffeine purpose.
  • Music: Dark and smooth, this calls for some Goth music and, most particularly, Siouxise and the Banshees.
  • Food: If you have it with something too sweet, it will be overpowered by Robaya’s strong taste. Rather, I would go with some dark chocolate so the flavors stay in harmony instead of clashing.


  • Cappucino: The combination of milk and rosabaya espresso works particularly well, the milk bringing softness before letting the coffee’s bitterness pierce through.


Rosabaya de Colombia Nespresso capsule box

Nespresso’s Rosabaya de Colombia coffee capsule box

Nespresso’s Rosabaya de Colombia comes in a standard rectangle box which features flowers (see pictures on the right). It includes 10 pinkish capsules.

Watch our Rosabaya de Colombia unboxing video below.



Author: Fred

Born in Europe, espressos have always been an important part of my life, faithfully accompanying me throughout mornings and sometimes lunches.

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