Kenya Peaberry

>> Limited Edition 2017

Kenya Peaberry Explorations 1 is a Limited Edition espresso made with beans from Kenya.


Kenya Peaberry Nespresso capsule review and cup

Nespresso’s Kenya Peaberry capsule and coffee cup

The first thing you will notice when having your first sip of Nespresso’s Kenya Peaberry Explorations capsule is its smooth texture and soft taste. This also means that it isn’t a bitter coffee, which is a welcome change, most capsules released on the US market playing the bitter card.

Kenya Peaberry is a slightly salty coffee with a hint of fruits – it might be berries – gently piercing through toward the end. While its intensity is listed as moderate, it feels however quite strong and its flavor will stay with you for a while.

As to whether it is worth shelling out $24 for this dual Explorations 1 set, the answer is yes as Kenya Peaberry is an exceptionally smooth coffee capsule which should satisfy casual and serious espresso drinkers alike.


  • Activities: Because of its scarcity and pricey nature, you should keep that one for special moments when you can take the time to enjoy it.
  • Music: My picks goes to British shoegaze band Slowdive’s self-titled album as their velvety, melodious tunes prove to be a great fit for this coffee’s experience.
  • Food: Pair it with a pain au chocolat (also called chocolate croissant in the US), the sweetness of the pasty and chocolate’s bitterness finely contrasting with this coffee’s flavor.


Kenya Peaberry Nespresso capsule box

Nespresso’s Kenya Peaberry coffee capsule box

Nespresso’s Kenya Peaberry coffee comes in a beautiful African-themed yellow box which opens in the middle. It includes 10 silver capsules featuring grey and yellow designs.

To learn more, Watch our Kenya Peaberry unboxing video below.



Author: Fred

Born in Europe, espressos have always been an important part of my life, faithfully accompanying me throughout mornings and sometimes lunches.

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