India Forte

Gourmesso’s India Forte is made with a blend of Arabica beans from Inda and Ethiopia as well as Robusta beans from Asia.


India Forte Gourmesso capsule and cup

Gourmesso’s India Forte capsule and coffee cup

India Forte is similar to Messico Blend Forte. This is a straightforward espresso that performs its job finely and I actually found it to be smoother than the Messico blend, the aftertaste being less harsh. Gourmesso claims this is one of their most popular capsule, which makes sense as, while being intense, this coffee is able to deliver an authentic and gentle espresso experience.


  • Activities: Intense without feeling too strong or bitter, India Forte is good to start the day and for a few more cups, working in all settings from coffee breaks to working, reading or watching TV.
  • Music: Goes well with the smooth, cool tunes from French electronic artist Kid Loco.
  • Food: Because it’s not too bitter, India Forte can be paired with all kinds of food, from sweet stuff such as brioche, egg breaded bred to bitter bites such as dark chocolate.


India Forte Gourmesso capsule box

Gourmesso’s India Forte coffee capsule box

India Forte’s packaging is Gourmesso’s standard rectangle black box featuring the coffee’s name in brown. Information about the coffee in 6 languages is located on the back of the box. 10 capsules come in little brown bags which showcase their intensity. 


Author: Fred

Born in Europe, espressos have always been an important part of my life, faithfully accompanying me throughout mornings and sometimes lunches.

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