Colombia Arabica Mezzo

>> Limited Edition 2015

Gourmesso’s Colombia Arabica Mezzo is made with a blend of Arabica beans from Colombia and North Sumatra, in partnership with Berlin Coffee Roasters.


Colombia Arabica Mezzo Gourmesso capsule and cup

Gourmesso’s Colombia Arabica Mezzo capsule and coffee cup

With its medium-to-high intensity and soft body, Colombia Arabica Mezzo is your classic espresso, almost making you feel like you’re sitting at the terrace of a café in Europe – trust me I have a lot of experience indulging in this activity. What I like the most about this blend is this subtlety: upon first sip, it feels velvety, slightly salty but as the aftertaste kicks in, you start tasting the intensity and light cocoa, salty notes which perdure for a while. This seems to confirm the feeling I had, that Gourmesso’s best blends are in the 7/8 strength range, where the brand is able to showcase balance and subtleness at its best.


  • Activities: Not only this is strong enough to be your first cup of the day but you can enjoy a few more cups whether it’s for a coffee break, while working or reading.
  • Music: Something European and elegant come to mind, Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry being a great choice as a soundtrack for your coffee moment.
  • Food: Because it’s well balanced in terms of intensity or flavor you can pretty much pair that coffee with anything sweet or bitter, which mean pastries, cookies and chocolate will work just fine.


Colombia Arabica Mezzo Gourmesso capsule box

Gourmesso’s Colombia Arabica Mezzo coffee capsule box

Colombia Arabica Mezzo’s packaging is different from other boxes, most likely because it’s a limited edition coffee. Rather than being a standard black box, it features a sepia picture of a carriage in a street, the name of the coffee being showcased in a yellow font. The back of the box features info about Berlin Roasters and this coffee in 6 languages. The box includes 10 capsules which are packaged by pair in silver bags. 


Author: Fred

Born in Europe, espressos have always been an important part of my life, faithfully accompanying me throughout mornings and sometimes lunches.

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