Arabica beans from Asia and Latin America.


Dharkan Nespresso capsule and cup

Nespresso’s Dharkan capsule and coffee cup

With an intensity of 11 (out of 13), Nespresso’s Dharkan is strong and pleasantly bitter, the light cocoa tones reminding me of Arpeggio. What makes Dharkan different from other dark blends is that this coffee is more focused on a full-frontal experience than on its aftertaste, which is smoother than usual. Also noticeable is that you can feel roasted flavors. Mostly appropriate for dark espresso lovers, Dharkan has a rough, distinct personality.


  • Activities: Good to start the day on high note, you might want to follow with a lighter blend though.
  • Music: Another dark, intense, bitter blend which works well with New York cult electro-punk duo Suicide.
  • Food: This one can be paired with sweet bread, as its aftertaste isn’t strong enough to overshadow the sweetness.


Dharkan Nespresso capsule box

Nespresso’s Dharkan coffee capsule box

Arpeggio coffee comes in Nespresso’s customary rectangle packaging which includes 10 blue/gray capsules. 


Author: Fred

Born in Europe, espressos have always been an important part of my life, faithfully accompanying me throughout mornings and sometimes lunches.

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