Crème Brulee

A blend of Arabica beans from Costa Rica and Nicaragua plus Robusta beans from Brazil.


Rosso Caffe's Crème Brulee coffee cup

Rosso Caffe’s Crème Brulee coffee capsule and cup

Rosso Caffe’s Crème Brulee capsule is quite difficult to pinpoint. While the first thing you notice is its pleasant Crème Brulee aroma, you then get surprised by an unexpected bitter flavor which is miles away from the sweet experience you were expecting. To be frank, I wouldn’t recommend having Crème Brulee as an espresso, as it’s way too rough, even with sugar. We’ve tried this capsule in many variations and found out that the best way to have it was with milk, as a latte macchiato, with brown sugar.


  • Activities: This one doesn’t work as a wake-up coffee but we’re suggesting it having it for coffee breaks as Latte with food when inviting your girlfriends or mother-in law other.
  • Music: Soft and feminine, this coffee can be paired with Nina Simone’s tunes for a quiet moment.
  • Food: We are recommending pairing it with vanilla cookies as the vanilla flavor goes well with crème brulee while balancing the coffee’s bitterness.


Crème Brulee Rosso Caffe capsule box

Rosso Caffe’s Crème Brulee coffee capsule box

Crème Brulee comes in a light orange-theme rectangle box. It includes 10 capsules packaged in two transparent bags. Each capsule features the name of the coffee. 


Author: Fred

Born in Europe, espressos have always been an important part of my life, faithfully accompanying me throughout mornings and sometimes lunches.

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