Cafe Joe Extra Strong

Cafe Joe’s Extra Strong is made of a blend combining high mountain grown Arabica beans with extra selected Robusta beans.


Extra Strong Cafe Joe capsule review

Cafe Joe’s Extra Strong review: capsule & coffee cup

Like Cafe Joe’s Ultra Strong, this capsule shouldn’t scare you away as it doesn’t feel that intense when drinking it. Rather, Extra Strong proves to be quite light spirited upon first sip offering first a hint of chocolate followed by a spike of cherry. To be frank, with a name like this, I was expecting a stronger experience, even though you will feel the caffeine effect a few minutes later. If I were to choose between Ultra Strong and Extra Strong, my pick would go to the former.


  • Activities: for breakfast and morning but be aware that despite feeling light, it will deliver a caffeine high if you abuse it.
  • Music: don’t ask me why but I’ve been listening to 80’s pop band Tears For Fears and their breezy melodies are a good fit for this one.
  • Food: because of its light chocolaty and bitter taste, I would pair it with some sweet bread so that the flavors balance and complement each other.


Extra Strong Cafe Joe capsule box

Cafe Joe’s Extra Strong coffee capsule box

Cafe Joe’s Extra Strong comes in a standard black rectangle box featuring 10 light grey capsules.

To learn more, Watch our Cafe Joe Extra Strong unboxing video below.



Author: Fred

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