Barista Chiaro

>> Limited Edition 2017

Nepresso’s Barista Chiaro is a Limited Edition ristretto specifically made for cappuccino drinks with Arabica beans from Brazil and Kenya .


Barista Chiaro Nespresso capsule review and cup

Nespresso’s Barista Chiaro capsule and coffee cup

With its low intensity and lack of strong flavor, Barista Chiaro cappuccino doesn’t provide a lasting coffee experience. Despite a light caramel hint, this coffee drink doesn’t have much to offer besides its milk texture and a bitter aftertaste. Though I’m not saying it’s  bad, this is the type of mild coffee drink that might impress your guests but won’t satisfy serious espresso drinkers.


  • Activities: good for weekend breakfasts when you want to start your day on a soft note.
  • Music: A good match for KCRW’s morning mid-tempo tunes.
  • Food: You need something with stronger flavor such as dipping buttered French brioche in your cappuccino cup.


Barista Chiaro Nespresso capsule box

Nespresso’s Barista Chiaro coffee capsule box with Cappucino recipe

Nespresso’s Barista Chiaro comes in a light brown rectangle box which featuring 10 capsules of similar color. Because these capsules were specifically designed for cappuccino docle, the box also features recipe instructions on the top.

To learn more, Watch our Barista Chiaro unboxing video below.


Author: Fred

Born in Europe, espressos have always been an important part of my life, faithfully accompanying me throughout mornings and sometimes lunches.

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